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Alphaserve is helping clients tackle the issue of cybersecurity.

Our team of security specialists and business minds are developing security policies, standards, and procedures to fit the needs of ever changing organizations. We are helping organizations determine what are immediate needs versus what would be needed two to three years down the line. We utilize a risk based approach on all of the efforts we pursue to ensure that organizations are not spending unnecessarily.

Our services go beyond providing general templates; instead each document is developed using a proprietary approach to security that meets your business requirements. These services include everything from vendor risk assessments to tailored training materials.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Analysis of standing policy and procedure documentation for how cybersecurity is managed within your organization
  • Analysis of previous audit and compliance reports
  • Vulnerability Assessments to uncover internal and external vulnerabilities
  • Identification of technical areas of improvement (e.g.; threats, vulnerabilities, potential consequences)
  • Production of Security Roadmap detailing remediation plan for identified technical security gaps, estimated timeline
  • Cost/benefit analysis that allows you to make effective decisions on where to place focus and resources based upon working with your qualification of business risks
  • Development of cross-department Cybersecurity Plan

We realize that cybersecurity is no longer just a technology problem; it is a business risk problem. The solution requires review and consideration of all company departments, partners, suppliers, with particular attention to insider threats.


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Want to know how Alphaserve can help your firm?

Whether you are preparing for your next audit or doing an internal evaluation of your security, Alphaserve will help develop functional security policies and implement a security framework to address evolving threats and needs.