The Harsh Truth: Stop Congratulating Yourself for Being in the Cloud. It's Costing You Money.

Posted by Alphaserve Technologies on May 26, 2017

Businessman working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new tablet computer interface.jpegIf your first thought was to skip over this article because you were an early adopter of cloud, you overcame your fears and the painful selection and migration process a few years ago, you might want to read on.

Simply being in the cloud already doesn't mean you are getting the best deal, especially if you start crunching numbers and looking at essential new services like security. The cloud isn't a destination it’s a journey, and it definitely doesn't stay put in terms of productivity and cost. If you haven't checked the efficiency of your operation since your initial cloud migration, then odds are you are paying too much on aging, outdated infrastructure, the clocked  started the day you signed up. In short, your ability to migrate to improved and more cost effective cloud services is now easier than ever, cost effective and should be your new modus operandi.

Think of it this way: Have you ever seen a commercial for your cell phone or car insurance provider advertising a rate substantially lower than what you pay, and been confused when your bill shows some outrageous number? These companies don't automatically switch you over. If you say nothing, you continue paying the higher rate for the same service - for no reason. The cloud is the same way. There are always new innovations, more effective data pathways and better APIs coming into the marketplace. If you are not actively applying these innovations to your business you are basically paying a higher price for less service - for no reason. 

Turnover in the Cloud

Cloud platform providers have three or so years before they need to be completely retooled, most experts will tell you. At the end of this three year period (and probably before), the application stack that your company uses is probably hopelessly outdated. Not only have APIs rolled over into completely new iterations, there may be a competitor that completely blows your current brand out of the water. You can be sure that security backdoors have opened between APIs as well - malicious users are constantly trying to figure out weaknesses in commonly used application stacks. If you have not checked your presence in the cloud for years and your company has yet to be attacked, consider yourself lucky.

Changes in Your Company

Hopefully, your company has not been stagnant since your integration into the cloud. A growing company is fundamentally different from a startup, and it needs different applications. Your KPIs may change, and in turn, the basic components of your application stack may change. Instead of picking your APIs based on cost, you may need the performance that only comes behind the mid tier paywalls.

With more scalability comes more of an opportunity to take advantage of bulk sales and volume plays. Even if you do not have to change your application brands, you may be able to renegotiate terms that are more advantageous to you based on a higher total volume of business. You will never know until you look.

The Advantages of Due Diligence

Performing your due diligence certainly gives you the opportunity to save money. However, you may simply lack the manpower to consistently check your entire stack. This is where vendor neutral risk management and operations partners such as Alphaserve can help you stay optimized. Forget checking every three years; with Alphaserve, you can take advantage of real time updates. Hire an entire team for the price of a single in house generalist, and give yourself the peace of mind that you have the best, most cost effective version of the cloud that is available to you.

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