Alphaserve Technologies Expands Advisory Services with Legal Business Process Workflow

Posted by Alphaserve Technologies on October 26, 2017

New York, NY – October 26, 2017 – Alphaserve Technologies, a global provider of managed IT, cloud and cybersecurity services, announces the expansion of its business process workflow consulting service to the legal market. The company has provided business process workflow for more than 10 years as part of its overall offering of advisory services to clients in other industry verticals including financial, pharmaceutical and health care. As Alphaserve continues its growth in the legal market, the opportunity was quickly identified to assist both law firms and in-house legal departments in achieving the same improvements employed by companies in their clients’ industries and beyond.

Alphaserve recognizes that firms, including those providing legal services, face increasing pressure to automate, to deploy artificial intelligence and to maximize efficiencies. Mapping business processes represents a clear path to realizing these improvements, but the task requires thoughtful input from key stakeholders and a thorough review of existing procedures. For many firms, facilitating this initiative is difficult or even overwhelming without engaging experts who know what questions to ask.

In delivering its legal business process workflow service, Alphaserve collaborates with clients to identify all pertinent aspects of their workflow. Consultants create an end-to-end analysis of the firm or department’s workflow by conducting interviews and researching existing documentation with the goal of identifying the groups utilizing various systems and data. Alphaserve provides clients a visual representation of that workflow to help the firm or department leaders identify areas where technology implementation, automation and process improvement will yield greater efficiency.

“A unique aspect of our approach to business process improvement is that we offer the service on a fixed-fee basis with clear deliverables. The service is scalable for smaller clients who may have less complexity in their workflow, so it is affordable for firms and legal departments of all sizes,” says Arup Das, CEO of Alphaserve Technologies. “Because our team of consultants has a great deal of experience and expertise in advising clients on business process improvement, we are able to leverage a wealth of insights and existing methodologies that are applicable across industries to develop meaningful recommendations that will achieve results.”

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