Alphaserve Technologies’ CEO, Arup Das, Profiled by Villanova University on the Future of Data Analytics

Posted by Carla Liñan on April 11, 2016
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New York, April 11, 2016 – Villanova University recently profiled Alphaserve Technologies CEO, Arup Das, as a “MSA success story” in a recent Student Spotlight. Alphaserve Technologies has often been called the “quants” of IT, due to its reliance upon leveraging data to assist in the management and optimization of its clients’ IT infrastructures. That dedication caught the attention of Villanova University.

Mr. Das is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Analytics at Villanova University. It was there that the university caught up with Mr. Das to discuss his interest in data and why it’s important in his role as CEO of a multinational IT Managed Services Firm. The university was interested in having Mr. Das share with prospective students the role data plays in the real world.

DescribinArup_Das_Alphaserve_Technologies.jpgg why data is important to Mr. Das, he explained “My current business utilizes data analytics in various areas to gain a competitive advantage.” Mr. Das went on to explain in more detail how data provides such an advantage, “Our operational managers….utilize data analytics to streamline operations and build on-demand agile capacity models.”

The article discusses further how the concepts taught at Villanova apply to Alphaserve’s business. “For example, we now analyze our sales, customer profile and service profitability per client to cluster our customers into different categories.”

Alphaserve Technologies will continue to leverage data throughout its business, both to provide exceptional and insightful support to its customers as well as to continue to optimize its own operations. The degree Mr. Das is obtaining at Villanova University, Master of Science in Analytics, will only further enhance this practice.

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