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Our clients can rely on us to deliver our projects
within budget and on time!

Alphaserve adheres to strict timelines that are managed by professional project managers.
To ensure you understand each phase of the project, Alphaserve provides:

  • Detailed fixed price scopes of work.
  • Detailed Gantt charts, project status reports and act as the liaison for design, engineering, third-party service providers, circuit providers, data center procurement and logistics.
  • Interpret technical minutiae into tangible, easy to follow business terms ensuring your comfort level.

Unique Expertise:

  • Project manager’s use best practices from both Six Sigma and Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PBMOK) management methodologies
  • We use a unified project management platform to communicate with all stakeholders
  • We provide a continual feedback loop methodology with detailed project sign-off survey
  • We embrace a partnership ethos of fostering teamwork and collaboration

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Project Management Service


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Alphaserve eliminates project scope creep and missed deadlines through our peer model Project Management best practices and technology.