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NIS – Network and Security Integration Services

Infrastructure Solutions

A strong network design incorporates flexibility and resilience to accommodate future requirements.

Alphaserve’s designs feature a modular approach, with each segment of the architecture being deployed in a way as to limit systemic outages due to singular element issues.
Experience tells a story, bleeding edge technologies carry risks. Alphaserve’s lab testing eliminates the “trial on your dime” scenario often seen in the technology industry.

Unique Network Security Expertise:

  • Layer 7 next generation firewall technologies, IDS/IPS
  • Networks for application and virtual machine mobility though enhanced Layer 2 designs, leveraging optical solutions
  • Self-healing networks
  • Dynamic VPN technologies
  • Intelligent WAN technologies
  • Automated fail over and fail back
  • Offsite primary data centers – active /active designs
  • Optical designs for performance incorporating service isolation separations

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Network and Security Integration Services


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