Let us take over the commodity work so that you can focus on strategy and high value projects.
Our Infrastructure Service offerings allow Alphaserve to become an extension of your IT department.
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Infrastructure Solutions
Modernizing IT frees up IT budgets to support your business demands for digital transformation and innovation.


Ensure your IT needs are taken care of so you can focus on your business goals. Every IT department deals with time-consuming but necessary tasks such as monitoring, patching, and maintenance. Find relief from IT minutia by smart-sourcing commodity work and focus your team on high value-add, strategic and growth-oriented initiatives.


Our service portfolio includes:

24x7x365 Monitoring and Escalation* – Incident management, detection, and alerting of infrastructure and application components, for example: email, phone, files.

Remote Support* – Engineering support, troubleshooting, and triaging of issues, and remediation.

Onsite Support – Day-to-day office support for business users.

Helpdesk Support (Shared or dedicated) – End user IT support covering desktop and application issues.

Patching Services – Patching of components such as servers, applications, and networks with critical and necessary vendor software updates.

Managed resources – Dedicated engineering resources.

vCTO services – Fractional CTO services.


*Powered by Alphaserve’s NOC Platform


Keep your team connected across desktop and mobile technology with reliable communications tools. Voice, Video, IM… how does your team collaborate?


Our unified communications services include:

IP Voice Services – Design, install, integrate and maintain on-prem and cloud solutions

IP Video Services – Design, install, integrate and maintain on-prem and cloud solutions

Collaboration Platforms – Integrated platforms for IM, screen sharing, and file sharing, and desktop video


Stay abreast of the myriad and ever-changing security threats that accompany today’s fast paced, connected world. Minimize risk by utilizing the expertise of a trained security team. 


Our information security services include:

CISO as a Service - Get ongoing consulting and support from a team of experienced, knowledgeable security professionals devoted to learning and staying on top of the threats you can’t.
Penetration Testing – Discover vulnerabilities and bolster your defenses. Alphaserve team members pose as malicious actors to test your defenses against information security threats, including social engineering.
Vulnerability Management – We utilize automated software to scan systems and devices for missing patches and system misconfigurations to find what attackers may exploit, and suggest remediation priorities.
Security Monitoring* - We provide Security Information Event Management (SIEM) for your environment.
SOC Analyst as a Service – A dedicated team member will help you leverage your existing tools and applications to stay on top of risks and keep your security systems running smoothly.

Firewalls, IDS, Authentication Technologies – Maintain your defenses and review security information. Don’t let a lapse in attention turn into a breach in your system.


*Powered by Alphaserve’s SOC Platform


Alphaserve provides a highly qualified team to aid in the architecture, design, and implementation of global network topologies, whether your business goals require single, multi-, or cloud site services. 



Data center architectures and interconnect technologies

Software-defined WAN architectures

Next-gen firewall, IPS & malware systems and protection, network access control

Mobility and authentication services


Storage and computer infrastructure, database and core application technologies, data center hosting, disaster recovery runbooks. All of these come together to form Alphaserve's comprehensive and reliable data center offerings.



Hyper-Converged Infrastructure – Utilize a hyper-converged framework that combines storage, computing, and networking for simplicity and efficiency.
Automation and Orchestration – Increase agility and speed with the right automation and orchestration processes to provision infrastructure and applications.
Software-Defined Networking – Minimize spend on hardware and overhead, maximize control of your networks with a central management framework and virtualized networking.
Storage – Store your data flexibly, accessibly, and cost-effectively. Whatever your data volume or needs, there’s a solution that will work for you.
Backup and Disaster Recovery – Don’t lose your valuable data, or time, in a worst-case scenario. Recover quickly and reliably with low-touch, cost-effective backup and recovery solutions.
Data Center Migration Services – A smooth transition to a new data center starts with Alphaserve. We design the core IT infrastructure and conduct bids on cabling, security, AV, and connectivity, and then coordinate all trades to ensure a fast and successful move.
Hybrid Cloud/On-Prem Architectures – Why choose between colocation and an on-premises data center facility? Create a hybrid solution that leverages the best aspects of both options to work in your favor.
Partnerships – Our partnerships with top-of-the-line vendors enable you to find the best data center solution for your business, utilizing enterprise colocation, private, or cloud data centers cost-efficiently to help you meet your goals.


Embrace the new standard for computing. Our team can help you migrate your infrastructure smoothly to a public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure in order to operate with minimal worry and maximum agility. 


Our cloud computing services include:

Cloud Strategy Services – Alphaserve works with you to develop a cloud strategy and transformation roadmap based on your business objectives and needs. Our team will determine suitable infrastructure and application requirements and perform a detailed cost benefit analysis in order to bring you optimal, affordable cloud solutions.
Cloud Architecture Services – Alphaserve’s experts design, implement, and optimize a highly available, secure, custom cloud solution.
Cloud Migration Services – Move your workloads, services, and business applications to a cloud platform. Alphaserve is there every step of the way, from initial assessment to the ongoing monitoring of your new cloud environment.
Cloud Security – Protect your cloud environment, secure data, and control access to keep your operations safe from threats and running smoothly.
Cloud Automation and Orchestration – Enable a single-click deployment of the cloud environment, automate frequent tasks and patching to increase efficiency and stay on top of cloud operations, worry-free.
Cloud-Based Software Providers – We will offer a solution from top of the market providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and niche SaaS vendors for special applications.

Let us help you become the future you imagine.
We help organizations uncover insight from existing processes to shape business transformation and innovation strategies. Let us lead you through your technological transformation so you can drive down costs and allow for innovation.


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