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Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud Services

Cloud IaaS For Your Business

Cloud economics (Infrastructure IaaS, Applications SaaS) is here to stay as customers are moving towards a consolidated pay-as-you-use infrastructure consumption model. Alphaserve was one of the early adopter of cloud computing building a venture funded IaaS service in the late 1990s.

Alphaserve has a strong opinion on private cloud in the context of security and custodianship of data.

In public cloud options (multi-tenant third party) Alphaserve advises their clients to adopt encryption of data with the client holding both the public and private keys.

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Cloud Infrastructure as a Service


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/HF_CyberAttack.png"Alphaserve Technologies, the IT advisor to many of the world’s largest hedge funds, today offered potential solutions to an industry which it perceives as at risk for such an attack..."

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Alphaserve assist clients on the journey to the cloud by providing a migration path through advisory, engineering services.