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Cloud Economics models

Cloud Services

Cloud Economics and Capacity Management

Alphaserve has a strong opinion on private cloud in the context of security and custodianship of data. In public cloud options (multi-tenant third party) Alphaserve advises their clients to adopt encryption of data with the client holding both the public and private keys.

Private cloud Customer owned: Customers procure their own hardware, software including virtualization technologies. Infrastructure is placed in the client data center or in a colocation facility.

Private cloud Customer Leased (IaaS): Customer leases their hardware including virtualization technologies from a third party Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider. The provider creates a private infrastructure for the customer. Software can be customer owned or can be a combination of SaaS provider offerings.

Public cloud customer leased (IaaS): Customer leases their hardware from a third party Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider. The providers create an instance for the customer on their existing infrastructure this model is known as multi-tenant. Software can be customer owned or be a combined of SaaS provider offerings from third parties.

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Cloud Economics models


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