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Mobile IT Solutions | Microsoft Surface sales not in high demand


Surface Tablet   Microsoft


According to the article, Microsoft’s Surface tablet was not in high demand.  The iPad seemed to be the largest volume of tablet sales this Christmas season, followed by the Amazon Kindle and the Samsung Galaxy.

The article goes on to describe calls to a number of resellers (Best Buy and Staples) that were contacted and each had Microsoft Surface tablets in stock.  A Tweeter also did a 24-hour survey and found pretty much the same results in Tweets of those purchasing new tablet devices.

I have seen a number of advertisements for the Surface and it definitely looks like after some time in the market, it may be a contender in the tablet market.  Once more options are available for the new devices and integration with newly released Windows 8 increases, I can see the devices gaining on Apple’s lead.  I don’t have a tablet device myself, but my wife really enjoys her new Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet.  I appreciate it running the Android OS, as my Smartphone also runs Android and a lot of the apps I have available can be used on the Nook.

Maybe down the road when I have Windows 8, I will look into the Surface more than I already have.  It looks to be a great tablet and Microsoft did a good job making it look like the Windows 8 OS that is just coming out.  Windows 8 is still also new to the corporate market, so once more systems have the latest Microsoft release, the Surface will probably increase in sales as well.

What about you?  Do you have a tablet or are looking into getting one?  Have you seen a Surface or any of the other tablets mentioned?  They are great at having a very portable option that gives the average user an easy way to connect to the Internet without having to lug around a big laptop.  If you are interested in finding out more about tablets and other mobile devices, contact us about our Philadelphia IT Mobility Solutions.

IT Solutions | Windows 8 Tablet to be out soon?


Microsoft to release Windows 8 tablet?


Do you have a tablet that you already enjoy (iPad or Android)?  Or are you waiting on the much-anticipated Windows 8 tablet?  According to the website, you may not have to wait much longer.  Microsoft has indicated that it will be making a major announcement this coming Monday, June 18, that many believe will be the opening for the Windows 8 tablet.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is already available for download and trial, so if you want a “sneak peak”, you can take a look at it.  Not all of the functionality is there yet, as it is just a pre-release of the Operating System, but it does look nice.  I have tried it myself and it takes a little getting used to, as there is no “Start” menu that previous Windows Operating Systems have all had.  The video that you can browse does give some basics on moving around the new system, so it is well worth the few minutes watching the video.

As far as tablets go, I am sure that Microsoft is going to be giving the current tablets on the market a run for their money, as the Metro interface introduced with Windows 8 brings dynamic content to the home screen.  This means you won’t need to flip through apps to see the most recent things happening.  For instance, you automatically see you have new E-mails available, without even needing to open the mail app to view.  You can also tell at a glance other updates that are happening as they happen, so there won’t be a need to open the app unless you want to see the full content.

So what about you?  Do you have an iPad or Android and really love it?  Or do you want to get the new Windows 8 tablet at the first opportunity available?  Are you interested in other mobility solutions you would like to know more about?  Contact Trigon to discuss the Philadelphia IT Mobility Solutions that are available. 


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IT Support - 802.11ac The New Wireless Standard


Mobile Solutions 

More and more mobile devices have been flooding the market from cell phones and tablets to televisions and laptops.  With this increase in the amount of mobile devices available and media content being consumed by users of these devices people are starting to notice that a new standard for wireless will be needed soon.  This new standard will bring about faster data transfer speeds of up to a gigabit and will also bring on and improve upon an existing technology called beam forming.  Beam forming capable devices allow a beam of data to go from the access point to the device which allows it to circumnavigate barriers more efficiently. 

Qualcomm has been demonstrating some of the speeds available using mobile devices.  The idea is that mobile devices such as phones and tablets will be the first to adopt this new standard seeing as how in many cases tablets are replacing desktop and laptop computers in homes and with the increase in the number of internet capable televisions.  Qualcomm is hoping to have a product available sometime this year and 802.11ac should be standardized by 2013. 

So what could all this mean for consumers?  Well faster download and file transfer speeds between devices on the network.  Additionally due to the increase in speed and bandwidth batteries on mobile devices should be more efficient as well.  Technology is always pushing forward so let’s see what happens with this standard between now and when the first devices start being released.  If you would like more information on wireless networking for your company feel free to contact us and let us assist you with your networking needs. 


Trigon IT Mobile Solutions

IT Support | Are Tablets a Good Idea for SMB?



IT Solutions, Apple, iPad, Amazon, Tablet


Yet another tablet has entered the marketplace when Amazon announced its new tablet this week which has touched off a bevy of questions around tablets. Apple set the bar with a massive media blitz during last year’s launch of the iPad. On the day it was announced Apple sold 300,000 units. By day 80 that global sales number was 3,000,000 for the iPad alone. ( ) Clearly, Apple had hit consumer gold. Total tablet sales for 2010 were 17.6 million units. Fast forward to this week where total tablet sales are on pace to top 60 million units for 2011 and Amazon announced its own color tablet to start shipping this year. With all this activity the question remains; are tablets a good idea for SMB?

“Within 90 days of its release, the (first generation) iPad had penetrated 50% of the Fortune 100 companies.” ( FROM --Clevenger, Nathan (July 29, 2011). "How the iPad Conquered the Enterprise". Datamation.  Using the same interface and design to its little sister, the iPhone, Apple made early adoption of the iPad a smashing success. With this kind of immediate penetration it was very evident that Apple had hit enterprise gold as well. As other manufacturers scramble to throw their respective hats into the ring the line between consumer and business has become frenzied over the past few months. The question is what problems do tablets solve? A tablet’s increased portability over their slightly larger and heavier netbook brothers of a couple years ago coupled with ease of internet access make tablets extremely attractive. To pull out a tablet and in a matter of seconds be checking email or hit a favorite website and avoid the annoying boot up time is very appealing. The format is far more inviting from both a reading and writing perspective in contrast to a smart phone and produces less wear on the shoulder than a conventional laptop. These gains in productivity and portability along with low cost make tablets an extremely attractive notion to today’s SMB owners.

2010 and 2011 tablet sales show only a 3% market penetration yet by 2015 that number should be between 30 and 35%.  ( ) With the frenetic activity surrounding this new format it’s time to take a step back and ask the question of whether or not tablets really are a good idea for business. Size, horsepower and portability make tablets viable; the last question that remains is whether or not the application base exists to really benefit your particular business. When you look at the number of applications in the Android App store or iTunes it really does justify the truth in “there’s an app for that.” As an IT consultant the instant access to our own web applications with minimal investment and ease of internet access make the jump into the tablet space a no brainer. The worker bee is continually driving the element of flexibility in the workplace and today’s tablet when matched up with the right software platform are a natural low cost extension and the next generation of what we came to expect from the smart phone of four and five years ago. Contact us to discuss your mobile initiatives. Who knows, maybe tablet sales will save the global economy? Think about it….


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IT Support | Is Apple worried about the upcoming Amazon release?



It Support, Amazon Tablet, iPad competition

According to the website, Amazon plans to release a tablet on Wednesday that will potentially draw customers away from Apple’s iPad.

Amazon will be releasing a new tablet that apparently has Apple reducing the number of iPads that it will be ordering from its manufacturers in Taiwan.  The release indicates it is much as a 25% reduction in orders for the tablets.  It also has been indicated that the Amazon tablet will be released at a significantly lower price than the lowest priced iPad produced by Apple.

Few details are available, but it sounds like the tablet will also be named Kindle, after the e-book reader released by Amazon.  It is rumored to sport a 7-inch, full-color touch screen that will be based on the Google Android system and priced around $250.  Just think of the apps that are already going to be available to the tablet that will most likely draw a crowd that doesn’t want to spend almost as much as an inexpensive desktop computer for a tablet solution.  Besides all this, the new Amazon tablet will have access to all of the releases from Amazon available to it, such as all of the e-books, audio and video media, and other content currently available from the Internet company.

If you are interested in mobile computing, contact us to discuss our Trigon Technology Mobility Solutions.  We also offer a number of Small Business Solutions for Philadelphia businesses.  Contact us to learn more.


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IT Support | Do You Obsessively Check Your Phone?



CHecking Your Phone Support resized 600CNN:

"What am I doing?" I thought to myself. "I'm here with my friends, and I don't need to be checking e-mail on a Saturday night."

The part that freaked me out was that I hadn't told my hand to reach out for the phone. It seemed to be doing it all on its own. I wondered what was wrong with me until I read a recent study in the journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing that showed I'm hardly alone. In fact, my problem seems to be ubiquitous.

The authors found smartphone users have developed what they call "checking habits" -- repetitive checks of e-mail and other applications such as Facebook. The checks typically lasted less than 30 seconds and were often done within 10 minutes of each other.

On average, the study subjects checked their phones 34 times a day, not necessarily because they really needed to check them that many times, but because it had become a habit or compulsion.

34 is the average? I probably broke that just reading that article. 

I have one of those fancy iPhone's and am completely guilty of checking it way too often than I should. So much so that I think I'm being barred from using my phone during the day when my wife and I go on our next(first) vacation. How do people live without a cell phone in their pocket? I'm not sure I want to even find out.

What happens when your CEO emails you at 3am on a Friday night and you don't have email notifications enabled? I assume you get your termination slip at 6am. That's just my guess. What about you? How often do you check your phone waiting for the next email from your boss?

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IT Support | Will Windows 8 Revolutionize Low-End Laptops?



Laptop IT Support resized 600

The pairing of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 with processors from companies like Qualcomm and Nvidia is expected to spawn a new kind of low-cost laptop, according to IHS-iSuppli, possibly threatening Intel's overwhelming dominance in laptops.

"After more than 30 years of domination by a single microarchitecture--Intel Corp.'s X86--the PC finally is set for some real competition," Matthew Wilkins, an analyst at IHS-iSuppli, wrote in a research note today.

This will happen as shipments of ARM processors soar in the coming years, eventually shipping in about one out of every four laptops in 2015, according to Wilkins.

And those ARM processors won't be running in systems with Linux operating software or Google's Chrome OS necessarily. The lion's share will be inside Windows 8 laptops, according to Wilkins.

When ChromeBooks were announced I had high hopes that the barebones OS laptop would be able to break into the super low-end of the market. After all, it just needed enough juice to run a browser with Flash. How much could it possibly cost? $500? Oh, HAHA!

No thanks, Google.

With iPads as low as $499, it's increasingly difficult for low-end laptops to become an attractive sell. They could probably run Photoshop, but it would take eons to load and get anything done. It is small, but the battery life is probably only 2-4 hours long. It has a physical keyboard, but it's so cramped since the laptop is so small. Anything near $500 for a low-end laptop is unacceptable these days. Those folks will just look down the isle and see the iPad and that will be that.

If Microsoft is so excited about Windows 8 running on ARM, let's get the consumer also excited about it. The Netbook bubble has popped and been replaced by a deluge of iPad sales. Let's put some cheap capable Windows 8 laptops out there. But, this brings up other questions...will there even be a low-end laptop market in a few years?

Let's say the iPad still runs the mobile show in a few years. Microsoft would do well to get some cheap tablets on the market to compete, right? Who knows how long that $399 HP Laptop is going to last when compared to the ease of use of a tablet that is so much more mobile and easier to use.

IT Support | The Windows 8 App Store In Coming.


Windows 8 App Store Support resized 600


The screenshots show Microsoft’s new application store for Windows. The store appears to be running in Windows 7, hinting that the software giant may also be planning to offer its app store for legacy versions of Windows. Cnbeta posted the screenshots on Monday, however WinRumors is unable to confirm their authenticity at this time. The screenshots appear to show a number of Microsoft’s own software, including third party software from Opera and Mozilla.

Microsoft is known to be working on an App Store for Windows 8 and the naming in the leaked screenshots is of interest. The company recently filed an objection to Apple’s use of the term “App Store”, claiming the phrase is generic. If today’s screenshots are genuine then this explains why Microsoft is fighting hard to use the “App Store” branding.

First, I should warn you that the ads on that site are incredibly intrusive. It took me about 20 minutes to paste that text onto our blog. The future, indeed, WinRumors.

So, Windows is taking a page from Apple's book with an attempt at simplifying the app process on their operation system. Is it odd that they waited for Apple to try something revolutionary before they even bothered? Yes. Is it a great idea? Yes.

Apple created their Mac App Store because they thought that new/novice user wouldn't search out apps because it was too daunting. They were worried about downloading apps that couldn't be trusted and perhaps contained viruses. 

Windows looks to be attempting the same thing even though their userbase is rocksolid and has been for years. If their App Store runs much like the Mac version, it would be nice to keep all of your apps contained through the same update process. Nobody wants to get updates from Flash every three seconds about an update that will most likely crash the app more often than not. Well, maybe you do. But I don't.

Intesting in the screenshot is a link to download Windows 7 Ultimate. Hmmm.

Another interesting aspect of these Windows 8 leaks are the shots of a tiled interface that would work on tablets. But that may be a blog for another day. The bottom line is that if Microsoft approves these apps themselves, it could mean a more secure computer for your friends, family, and coworkers.

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IT Support | Microsoft Says Tablets Are A Flash In The Pan.


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As virtually the entire consumer electronics industry throws its weight behind tablet computers, Microsoft's global chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie said today that he did not know whether the booming new category was here to stay.

Speaking at a lunch held in Sydney by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), Mundie, who reports directly to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, said he did not know whether tablets like the iPad would "remain with us or not".

I'd probably say the same thing if it's been a decade since Bill Gates proclaimed tablets as the future and Microsoft still has yet to have anything to show for it.

Apple fan or not, you can't deny that Apple is making money hand over fist with their new iPad. People are literally lining up to their retail stores to get their hands on one. The product is in its second iteration and doesn't seem to be slowing down. Mundie should perhaps look into the definition of a "fad".

What would be even better if MS had put any R&D time into tablets of their own. Why not put their Windows Phone 7 OS on a tablet form factor as opposed to cramming Windows 7 on one? Well, Mundie also goes on to say this:

As for desktops, Mundie had a bold prediction: "I believe the successor to the desktop is the room, that instead of thinking that the computer is just something on the desk that you go and sit in front of, [in the] future basically the whole room is the computer and you go in it."

So does that mean Microsoft is skipping the tablet era just like they just about skipped the recent smartphone era? The iPhone and Android hit the scene and Microsoft was late to the party and their recent update troubles are showing why they may not be able to compete. 

Does Mundie's recent quotes indicate they will skip the tablet era? Or at the very least, show up very late to the party as well? Trigon is never late to the party, friends. Rest assured we'll be there to support your tablet infrastructure. 

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IT Support | HP Bets The Farm on webOS.


HP touchpad support resized 600


Today we’re sharing not just some cool product news (getting to it in a second…), but a vision for HP webOS. Companies talk about visions all the time – “today we’re going to share our vision for the first chocolate-covered portable snowblower” – but what we’re sharing today is more than just some exciting new products (yes, yes – in a moment).

Over time, you can expect HP webOS to become part of your entire mobile experience, not just your phone. With our announcements today (almost there), you can get a taste of that vision with webOS products available in three new flavors: small, medium, and large.

So, the cat was let out of the bag yesterday afternoon in a long, two hour event where HP announced the next steps of their newly purchased webOS products. Notice how I didn't say "Palm". In fact, from what I read of the event, I don't even think "Palm" was even on the products at all. Ah, well. So sad. I loved me some Palm!

With that said, the HP TouchPad is all webOS, so it's not some poor overlay over top of a Windows tablet that never looks good and hurts peoples hearts and souls. Not only that, but they also announced a brand new phone, and also the newest version of the Pre, now dubbed the HP Pre 3.

The most interesting part about the entire event was that they made mention that they see webOS as going to not only printers, but also desktop computers. Whaaaaaaa???

Is the beginning of the end for Windows & HP as longtime friends? They've already kicked Windows to the curb on their tablet side. They were shown at last year's CES as making "the" Windows tablet but then it never came out. 

I wonder where this leaves Microsoft as now, not only were they late to the new smartphone game, but now they are completely behind in the tablet space. A space which they practically started! Good thing Trigon has experience in setting up just about any business with whatever mobile infrastructure they want.

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