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IT Mobility | Apple VoiceTime


IT MobilityWith iOS 4.1, Apple will give you the ability to enable FaceTime calls using only e-mail addresses. Presumably, this would be for iPod touch and iPad devices. So, what’s to stop Apple from also enabling audio-only FaceTime calls started by clicking someones e-mail..?

Free Wi-Fi calls to anyone with an iOS device? Sign me up.

iChat allows you to log-in using your MobileMe e-mail account, and I think other addresses as well. What if OS 10.7’s big new feature is iChat w/ FaceTime? Mac to iPhone 4 voice calling? At that point, it would most likely be Mac to iOS calling. Who knows when 10.7 will ship, but by that time I would think iPod touches will have a front facing camera and possibly even iPads.

Let’s go a bit further, if we can enable iChat capabilities via email, what’s to stop Apple from having iChat conversations held in the Free Mac to iOS conversations right inside of the app. Hell, free iOS to iOS conversations right in the app.

ATT would be losing a lot of money in texting packages, that’s for sure. I’m not sure that’s the only thing they should be afraid of.

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IT Mobility | The iPhone 4 is a Worthless Piece of Junk. Or IS it?


iPhone 4, IT MobilityIf you read the most recent article from our resident red-headed analyst, Jon Pentecost, you would think that an iPhone 4 recall would be on the table. A recall that, according to certain reports, could cost Apple $1,500,000,000.

Rumors and videos had circulated where one could touch the black bar on the lower left of an iPhone to dramatically affect your phones signal. Depending on your location, it could affect it to the point where you would have no signal to speak of. This horrifying situation is called, “The Death Grip”. The situation worsened when a customer emailed Steve Jobs himself about it, and Jobs retort was to hold it differently. Wohwoh.

Consumer Reports, the magazine that helps indecisive old people make purchases, had originally come out saying the antenna issues were not enough for them to not recommend it. But, later, after completing their testing, they were able to replicate the Death Grip in their special sealed labs, not out in the open like the rest of the world. As such, they could not recommend the iPhone 4.

Notably, the iPhone 4 is still the highest rated phone available, according to Consumer Reports.  It is also still a great mobile IT solution.

Apple has come out to say that a software update will more accurately show the kind of signal you have. My take is that if you have terrible service, it will more accurately say so. So that if you touch the antenna with 2 bars, it won’t go down. Whereas before, it would have told you that you have 5 bars, and then gone down to 2 upon touching the left corner.

The Death Grip, if you encounter it, is quickly remedied by using a case. Or, you know, you could return it and get your money back.


IT Mobility | Should Apple Recall its iPhone 4?


IT Mobility, IT SupportFor anyone that has any passing interest in Apple, and more specifically with the newest iPhone to hit the market, they have heard about the signal issues if holding the iPhone a particular way.  According to an article I read, if you hold the iPhone in a “death grip”, the cellular strength of the phone decreases.  The issue apparently is due to the connection between two external antenna segments that have a gap between them that cause the signal degradation.  If a piece of tape is placed over the area, that remedies the situation, but who wants to have a brand new iPhone with duct tape over the front of it?

In another article, even Consumer Reports does not endorse the newest iPhone due to the flaw.  They suggest that if Apple recalls the phone or provides a free fix to consumers, they can then recommend the iPhone 4.  So if Consumer Reports does not endorse it, will that prevent you from purchasing the newest iPhone?

So what do you think Apple should do?  Should they recall all iPhones that have been sold that contain the flaw or should they provide (free of charge) a solution such as a case that will cover the affected area on the phones?  As an Engineer at an IT Support Company, I believe that Apple could overtake the IT Mobility market with the iPhone 4 if it plays its cards right.

Can we help you implement technology that will allow you to make your organization more mobile?  Contact us today at 1-888-494-TRIGON or by email at

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IT Mobility | Fring’s the “Thing”…Video Chat with Non-iPhone 4 Users


IT Mobility, IT SupportA few weeks back I wrote a blog that discusses how the iPhone 4 will change the way we communicate and how we do business.  I posed the question as to whether or not the iPhone 4 will have a game changing effect and whether or not the iPhone 4 and all of its new features will create a new standard in the business world.  I then went on to ask at what point it would become unheard of to be unable to have a phone that allowed you to have a face-to-face client meeting.

I could have been in the dark at the time, but when I wrote the blog, I only knew of FaceTime chat from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, and only over WiFi (ew, thanks  for nothing AT&T…).  Cool if you have an iPhone 4, but lame for everyone else, and especially lame for everyone who wants to take advantage of the new features that are coming to the IT Mobility field. Well, not so fast. Recently, I found out about a little app called “Fring”.  It’s free, and I downloaded it instantly (I have yet to use it, however), and it allows for video chat over 3G. 

Aside from allowing you to update your social networking accounts, Fring will also allow users to make free calls, and free face-to-face calls to non iPhone 4 users that can support video chat.  Maybe this app doesn’t sound as cool to you as it does to those of us in IT support, but I am really looking forward to it.  Instead of just FaceTiming it up with my iPhone 4 buddies, I’ll be able to chat with the 5 people in the world who purchased the Evo 4G (probably a cool phone, but unfortunately, it won’t compete much with the sexy status symbol that Apple put out) and other Android phones.  And if your phone doesn’t support video chat – it allows for one sided video chat.  Say what?  Sweet! So now, while chatting with my 3Gs equipped girlfriend, she’ll be able to gaze at my Adonis like features for the entirety of the conversation.  She’s in for a treat!

In all honesty, this is awesome.  Think of how apps like this and how other apps in the future will change business and communication as a whole.  Groundbreaking move in the name of IT mobility

If you are interested in making your business more mobile, contact Trigon Technology today!  Contact us at 1-888-494-TRIGON or by email at

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iPhone 4 thoughts

iPhone 4I find myself using the phone just to gaze at the Retina Display. I don't care what I'm looking at. Whether it be hot new IT Support blogs, IT Mobility, or any other hot buzz words I can conjure up. I'd throw some hyperbole in there, such as, "It's like looking at a printed page".But I won't do that. I won't tell you it's the best screen I've ever seen on any gadget. I'll stop short. I won't say it makes my iPad look like a CRT monitor, because that's just crazy.

My iPad sure could use a Retina Display in next years model, though. Sorry, Baby. No clothes this month, we gotta save up for the iPad 3GS!

The new 5MP camera is pretty tasty, not gonna lie. My dogs are in for the longest photo-shoot of their short lives. Doggy handkerchiefs are back. In a BIG way. HD video is certainly a nice plus, though I haven't had reason to shoot anything aside from the pen on my desk. It should be noted, however, that I've told my girlfriend the entire birthing process will be recorded. Possibly broadcast live, shh. (

What I should have done was record that girl passing out from heat exhaustion as I left that mall yesterday morning. Can you imagine the YouTube hits? I'd be an internet millionaire, at least. Er, I hope she's OK.

Speaking of yellow fever, I was one of the unlucky few with yellow spots on the corners of the display. Word on the streetz is that it will disappear after a day or two of use. Damn you, accelerated bonding process!

It could be worse, I could be one of the people that loses service when holding it with their left hand. Not to worry, though, Steve Jobs has remedied that issue by simply telling them to use their other hand.


Viva Jobs!

iPhone 4 Will Raise the Bar and Affect the Way We Do Business


iPhone 4, IT MobilityBusinesses, just like humans, have adapted to technology. It's the biggest part of our everyday lives and it's interwoven so deeply with how we function that it molds the way we live, and therefore, the way we do business. And working for an IT Support Solutions Company, I see this more and more every day. Last year at this time I had an epiphany - I was going to be a "pioneer" and get rid of my cell phone. I thought to myself, "People who lived 20 years ago didn't need these to get by and neither do I." And while it still holds true that people 20 years ago didn't necessarily need to have a cell phone, my father pointed something out to me; business (and the world in general) has adapted so much to technology, cell phones in particular, that it would be almost impossible to live without one.

Sure, it would be entirely possible to live - but with the way the world is today, if you don't have a cell phone you wouldn't be able to function properly in the business world. For example, let's say have an hour ride to work and your clients want to have an impromptu phone meeting to discuss their new product line. Would they even take you seriously if you told them that you couldn't call into the meeting because you don't have a cell phone? It would hurt your credibility as a businessperson and would be entirely unacceptable - a technical gaffe that would surpass any blunder Joe Biden has ever made. You're expected to have one, and you're expected to be available on demand at all times. Otherwise, you're dropping the ball. 

That being said, with the iPhone 4 and all of its new features coming out, will a new standard be created? At what point will it be unacceptable to have a phone that won't allow you to send edited HD video of the overcrowded marketing seminar you're attending to your boss? Or when will it be common practice that you attend a face-to-face client meeting over your phone? The iPhone 4 is not just going to change IT Mobility; it will reinvent the way we do business as a whole. Working in IT Support, sure, we see new products popping up all the time allowing for better mobility and the ability to multitask better than one already can. The iPhone 4 is going to take that a step further, raise the bar, and allow for an entirely modified way of doing business - just as the cell phone did.


IT Mobility


iPhone 4 & You: A Love Story

iPhone 4 IT Support Let's be honest here, who cares about video chat?

Not I, said the pig. Well, that's not entirely true. I wouldn't have cared until about 1 month ago, when I found out my boys can swim. If you catch my meaning(babies). Now I care somewhat about video chat. If I'm away from my spawn for a night or twelve I'm sure I'd wanna see the little squirt. Of course, I'd have to buy the mother an iPhone 4 to get the whole thing to work....let's forget the whole subject for now.

HD video is where it's at, right? Who wouldn't want their own mini RED camera in their cargo shorts? People still wear those, I hope. iMovie looks hella sick. It is odd, however, that it tops out at 32GB. If Verizon gets a 64GB version within the next year I'm going to dropkick someone.

And what about Verizon? I'm not sure how I feel about being tied to ATT next summer when the iPhone 4G drops on what we will all presume to be Verizon. Speaking of which, how sweet is it that we still have to hear Verizon+iPhone rumors for the next x months? Super sweet, I bet you said.

Battery looks to be improved just to the point where it won't be annoying anymore. That's a plus. I can only drag-refresh Twitter for iPhone so many times until I have to switch to EDGE. And nobody likes EDGE.

While reading the live-blog, did anyone else completely forget that Jobs mentioned a front-facing camera at the beginning of the keynote only to make video chat his 'one more thing'? How was that even possible? Doesn't that say anything about peoples need/want for video chat? For that matter, why didn't they call it 'iChat' and allow people to chat from iPhone to Macs. Don't make me say 'game-changer' right now. Don't you make me.

Damn you, Steve. Damn you for making me want one.

Hey, remember the EVO 4G?

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