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IT Support | HP Bets The Farm on webOS.


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Today we’re sharing not just some cool product news (getting to it in a second…), but a vision for HP webOS. Companies talk about visions all the time – “today we’re going to share our vision for the first chocolate-covered portable snowblower” – but what we’re sharing today is more than just some exciting new products (yes, yes – in a moment).

Over time, you can expect HP webOS to become part of your entire mobile experience, not just your phone. With our announcements today (almost there), you can get a taste of that vision with webOS products available in three new flavors: small, medium, and large.

So, the cat was let out of the bag yesterday afternoon in a long, two hour event where HP announced the next steps of their newly purchased webOS products. Notice how I didn't say "Palm". In fact, from what I read of the event, I don't even think "Palm" was even on the products at all. Ah, well. So sad. I loved me some Palm!

With that said, the HP TouchPad is all webOS, so it's not some poor overlay over top of a Windows tablet that never looks good and hurts peoples hearts and souls. Not only that, but they also announced a brand new phone, and also the newest version of the Pre, now dubbed the HP Pre 3.

The most interesting part about the entire event was that they made mention that they see webOS as going to not only printers, but also desktop computers. Whaaaaaaa???

Is the beginning of the end for Windows & HP as longtime friends? They've already kicked Windows to the curb on their tablet side. They were shown at last year's CES as making "the" Windows tablet but then it never came out. 

I wonder where this leaves Microsoft as now, not only were they late to the new smartphone game, but now they are completely behind in the tablet space. A space which they practically started! Good thing Trigon has experience in setting up just about any business with whatever mobile infrastructure they want.

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IT Support | Palm Pre 2 Announced to Subdued Fanfare


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As for Pre 2 itself? Little is being revealed at the moment, but we're told to expect a 1GHz CPU, a five megapixel camera (LED flash, extended depth of field, geotagging, and video capture), glass display and a "sleeker, streamlined design" that still combines a touchpanel with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. In other words, it's a faster, slimmer Pre, and some would argue it's what the Pre Plus should've been. At any rate, SFR customers in France will get first dibs on Friday, with Verizon and an undisclosed carrier in Canada scheduled to get it "in the coming months." Oh, and as for US-based developers? They'll be able to purchase unlocked UMTS versions of the Pre 2 (!) in their homeland, though pricing remains elusive.

A very strange launch for the newest Palm product in a very long time. Just a press release? Even then, it's marginally updated hardware. This is going to be the first Palm phone sold under the new HP banner, and it sounds like the phone is being branded as the "Palm Pre 2", while the OS is now called the "HP webOS 2.0". Not at all confusing.

When I had gotten a Palm Pre Plus for a week thanks to a friend inside of Palm, it was running very compelling software. The hardware was really dragging the phone down, however. I remember just booting the phone took over 2 minutes. That's slower than most computers. Integration for mobile enterprise users was great, which is always a plus in my book. And also the book of an IT Support company serving the Philadelphia area. My exchange accounts connected with ease, and thanks to the notifications inside of the phones OS, getting emails and texts was very unobtrusive. When compared to the Pre's notification system, the iPhone looks like a cardboard cutout. That's no hyperbole. 

It's great that Palm or HP, or whoever, is putting out new webOS phones, but it would be even better if they put out brand new hardware to match. Wishful thinking, HPalm?


Does your IT staff balk at your usage of an, but underpowered webOS phone? We can help, we also give out free high 5's!

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IT Support | Tablet Game Heating Up


IT Support, Tablet ComputingFighting words.

LG's VP of Marketing, Chang Ma, came out and said LG's new Android based tablet, the LG Optimus, will be "surprisingly productive" compared to the iPad - which he believes is more focused on consuming content. 

That's quite the bold prediction, Ma-man.

The iPad already has many advanced productivity apps on it - and while it is largely used for content consumption, it can definitely hold its own as productivity tool.  LG has a fight cut out for themselves with this one. 

On top of that, though, HP is confirmed to release a WebOS tablet as well as a Windows 7 tablet in the coming months. 

There's a curveball for you, Chang Ma. 

Apple's iPad has already solidified itself into a nice niche market, and it isn't going away anytime soon (no matter what new tablets come out). But if LG is going for the "productivity angle," will their Android tablet even be able to compete with a Windows 7 based tablet in terms of productivity in the business world? 

While I don't think Windows 7 makes for a great tables OS, you can't compete with Windows in terms of business productivity.   Windows is business computing.  Plain and simple. We'll see what happens, but if the HP Windows 7 tablet is successful, I think it will easily intertwine itself into the business world. 

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