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Trigon on the Trains

Published: November 1, 2009

Trigon is on the move. Literally.  Experimenting with some new means of increasing brand recognition, Trigon has decided to begin a lengthy advertising campaign.   As of late October, ads for Trigon Technology will have been rolling through Septa trains and stations all over the area.  The campaign, which includes two separate 33"x 21" railcards in trains and a 46"x60 " platform poster, will be riding through till March and will be accompanying you and many others on your way in and out of town each day.

Septa, which is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, is the nation's 6th largest transit system by ridership, with 325 million annual riders.  It controls over 450 miles of track.  There are approximately 494,000 daily riders on the Philadelphia rail system each day and 23 rail lines saturate the region from Center City Philadelphia to the suburbs.  There will be approximately 80 ads placed throughout Septa's Regional Rail trains, and a dozen or so ads spread across different Septa stations.  "These ads are something we're really proud of," said Trigon's President, Mike DeThomas.  "Advertising through the rail system is a new venture for Trigon and we're really excited with the way things are shaping up with this campaign."

Titan 360, a worldwide media company, along with Septa, has made this possible for Trigon.  Titan 360 is the fourth largest outdoor media company in the world.  They are also the second largest transit advertising company.  Their US office is based out of New York, but they also have offices throughout major cities all across the country.  Philadelphia is one of them.  "We are really pleased to be working with Titan 360 and Septa" said Mike.  "The folks over at Titan have been incredibly helpful, and they did a great job of guiding us through the process of mapping out our first advertising campaign. I think the campaign is going to be a hit; both the headlines and the artwork of the ads are humorous and attention-getting.  We hope that the train riders that come across these ads enjoy them, and are encouraged to inquire about some of the great IT Solutions that we have to offer," added Mike. 

Humorous is nothing short of the correct word to describe these advertisements.  The ads feature simple, funny slogans and images that are sure to invoke a chuckle.  For example, one of the ads has a headline that reads "Upgrade IT."  The ad displays a turtle donning a helmet and a set of wheels - and if that's not unusual enough, it also happens to have a rocket strapped to its back!  If you ride the rail system frequently, you won't miss it.

On the tail end of the campaign will be a series of Trigon transpasses that will be featured on all of the Septa transpasses throughout the month of March, 2010.  There are 5 weekly transpasses that will be released each new Monday, and 1 monthly pass that will be available throughout the month.  Be sure to check them out if you can. 

All in all, this is an exciting new opportunity that Trigon decided to jump on board with.  To access the offers that are made available through the Septa campaign, click here to "Upgrade IT."